GMT 20d – Standard 10

After leaving Orwell Clunch Pit the Greenwich Meridian Trail crosses the A603 and runs into “The Wimpole Estate”.

It’s one of many attractions managed by the National Trust, and at the moment it’s inaccessible.

To be honest I’d rather be out in the country than strutting around in a huge stately home, so didn’t feel short changed.

The path ran up a hill behind this wonderful 1936 Standard 10.  Sadly this beauty has been off the road for nearly 4 years.

I do love a nice barn find, especially as I have never seen one like this previously.

Up on the hill I could see for miles both to the south, and especially to the North West which brought Cambridge into view.

Anyone heading this way should look out for an unsignposted gap in the hedge, step through and then you will see a marker pointing north and down the slope.

The fields here were full of a low cereal crop, which seemed to be wheat.

Around this section I came across several other walkers, and we all kept our distance and said hello.


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