Read aloud “The Tanglewood’s Secret”

I’ve just finished my 17th book of the year.

It’s the first time that I’ve read this children’s classic, and it’s my favourite book so far.

Why is is it so good, and how did I manage to neglect this story for so many years?

Patricia St.John was born in Hastings, Sussex in 1919. Wikipedia describes her as a prolific Protestant writer of fiction.

Our 1971 copy has sat neglected on the bookshelf for years.  So how come I grabbed it now?

It was chosen because of the Corona Virus, and the new Social Distancing rules.

Our nearest Grandchildren are just 8 miles way, but we aren’t allowed to spend time with them until the “Boris rules”are changed.

How can you show a child you love them?  By spending time with them, and entering their world.

As an avid reader I decided to use my time to read, Elijah, Tirzah, Taliah, and Elise some of the greatest children’s books ever written.

I “read out loud” into my iPhone, and then dispatch a chapter a day as a What’s App message.

What makes this story so amazing is that it tackles the big issue of life head on.  Just how would you explain death to a young child?

Here Patricia St.John does just that, with the fictional characters of Ruth, Philip, and Terry.

Along the way we meet “The Good Shepherd”, and I must confess I shed a few tears as I passed the story on.

After the saddest part Ruth meets Mr.Tandy who helps wrap the story up nicely.

If anybody wants to hear a very amateur reading I’d be happy to pass this on!

I hope you are finding fun ways to get through “Lockdown”.

These last few days have been such an unexpected blessing.

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