Easter service at St.John’s

How are you coping with being stuck indoors?

Whatever you think about Boris it’s great that we can legitimately get out for a good walk or a bike ride each day.

Our church is in the centre of the (usually) busy Crawley town centre.

Today I decided to pop by and check out the Easter Garden which has been placed by the main entrance.

Now I’ve come home and phoned various people who are stuck indoors.  Some of them are missing their local church families.

I’m wondering if any of you were unable to join an Easter service this year.  Would you like to see what goes on at St.John’s?

11:30 service Easter Sunday at St.John’s

If you click the link (above) whizz forward 28 minutes into the broadcast, and watch a whole mix of things from Kid’s Church, Alpha, and what you enjoy about Easter videos.

Oh and there’s a service with a chance to sing, pray and laugh together.

Let me know how you get on.



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