how to while away the time

By: snowgood

Apr 07 2020


Category: birds, Sussex

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Today is the first time I’ve seen 4 collared doves (and a blackbird) on our front lawn.

How are you getting on with the lockdown?

It’s the first time I’ve lived through a time like this, but so far it has proved far more enjoyable than expected.

As a sometime “birder” it has opened my eyes to just how much air traffic we get in our corner of West Sussex.

All those birds I’ve barely noticed previously now seem to be a bigger part of my life.

Once the nasal call of a Greenfinch was nothing more than a mental tick, but now I’ve time to watch them gathering moss.  If think this pair are building a nest in our back garden.

If you asked me a few weeks back whether we get House Sparrows here I’d have said “No”, but now I know where a male has his favourite perch.

We don’t use bird feeders as they’re magnets for the neighbourhood cats, but the bird path is kept topped up and keeps blackbirds, wood pigeons, and the like happy.

The noisiest birds i our garden are Nuthatch.  They seem more numerous than ever, and look delightful as they walk upside down and smash things open for breakfast.

How do you while away your time?



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