Greenwich Meridian Trail 18 – Afterglow

I’d started my 18th stage of The Greenwich Meridian Trail down at Barwick Ford.

That was just after 10:30am, and now I was left with 2 miles to travel and it was 6:15pm.

Time to appreciate the afterglow of a wonderful day.

My remaining journey saw me skirt around the last few farms, and equestrian buildings before climbing up to a ridge which seem to be populated by families walking their pooches.

The street lights were on as I descended into the outskirts of Royston. As I walked by the tall brick built homes I was reminded of Exwick, down in Devon.

Scores of newish buildings, that failed to give off good vibes.

The walk finished outside a Tesco Express at 6:50pm. According to my iPhone (the step counter is usually pessimistic) that was an 18 mile stage.

Could I have gone quicker?  Certainly, but all those twists and turns, pauses to listen to birds, and the like are what makes a good walk.

Here’s my species list for the day;

Blackbird, Blue Tit, Buzzard, Comma Butterfly,

Chaffinch, Crow, Dunnock,

Feral Pigeon, Fieldfare, Great Tit,

Goldcrest, Goldfinch, HARE x 2,

House Sparrow, Jackdaw, Kestrel,

Lapwing, Long Tail Tit, Magpie,

Mallard, Mistle Thrush, Moorhen,

Nuthatch, Orange Tip Bumblebee, Peacock Butterfly,

Pheasant, RABBIT, Red Kite, Reed Bunting,

Red Legged Partridge, Robin, Rook,

Small Tortoiseshell, Skylark, Starling,

Wood Pigeon, Yellowhammer, Wren.

32 Bird Species, 2 MAMMALS, and a few attractive insects.



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