GMT 17 – Right turn at Home Farm

By: snowgood

Mar 27 2020

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Category: Hope, Walking

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Focal Length:4.25mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 11

After walking uphill from the River Rib I approached Home Farm, Thundridge.

I wondered at the huge dilapidated barn (which seemed to be blackened by fire), featuring several newer wood clad homes on the south west side.

My dinky little screen seemed to suggest I go straight on, but as I stopped to wonder a helpful farmer jumped down from his New Holland tractor.

The face of local farming was far more benevolent than picture I’ve painted on the last few posts.

He tried to tell me of the local landmarks and potential spots I might be trying to reach, but made sure I was on the right track in order to keep on the Greenwich Meridian Trail.

It was a telling moment.  Here was a man running his business who offered no hostility to a solitary rambler.

Most of us who have run our own business, or steered an enterprise are drawn towards profit (or just survival).

No doubt this friendly chap wants to make a living, and needs to operate in a competitive sector.

So who is going to stop the destruction of our beautiful land?

Let’s hope environmentalists and politicians can work with the farming sector to find a sustainable way forward.

I’m not against wealth, but I was shocked to find this farm had an airstrip and hangar just over the horizon.


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