It only took 20 years

By: snowgood

Feb 29 2020

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Having completed my walk just beyond Bromley I was faced with a problem.

How to get back to Chelsham.

Rather than investigate buses I decided to get a train from Ravensbourne to Blackfriars.

Going over the Thames I spotted a bridge I’d not noticed previously- The Millennium Footbridge.

Foolishly I started to try and remember when it was built.

It seemed like only yesterday it was getting headlines as “The Wobbly Bridge”.

Yes, it swayed as people walked across. Thinking again the penny dropped, that was 20 years ago!

2 years and £5 million later it re-opened.

One end looks to St.Pauls, the other sees the Tate Modern.

I had to give it a try!

I’m so glad I did, the sun was shining and the plethora of fantastic buildings made the experience rather special.

Zizzi served up a pizza, and my seat looked back across The Thames.

I dashed off to London Bridge and took the train back to Whyteleafe.

A friend dropped me back at St.Leonards.

My first holiday of 2020 had been a good one.

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