GMT 8 – Speedwell

By: snowgood

Feb 22 2020

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Category: birds, Flowers, Walking

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Focal Length:4.25mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 11

After 1.1 miles walking we arrived outside Foyle Farm, and back onto the Greenwich Meridian Trail.

I popped off my lightweight shoes, and slipped on my heavy site boots.  It was about to get muddy!

We headed NNW in the general direction of Broadham Green. By now we’d seen a hungry Heron, but better was to come.

Intermingled with the mechanical sound of Gatwick bound jet engines came the liquid sound of Skylark.

The first was impossible to find in the grey skies with the naked eye, but the latter rose up quite close.

What a joy, but better still was to come!

This charming little low couched flower of the field.

I’d wager it was an ivy-leaved Speedwell, but I could be wrong.  Perhaps it was Field Speedwell, does anyone know which?



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