The Girl who saved the King of Sweden

By: snowgood

Feb 19 2020


Category: books, Humour


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How to make the best of a frustrating situation?

My airport taxi arrived 15 minutes early, but the plane arrived an hour late.

I’d eaten before leaving home, so I had 3 hours to fill.

Of course I had a good book with me, but as I sat considering my options it became clear I “needed” something more light hearted.

Browsing in W H Smith’s book store I discovered they don’t have a humour section.

Then I saw one book I felt might bring a little cheer.

Jonas Jonasson wrote “The 100 year old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared” which was magnificent.

He also wrote the far less wonderful Hitman Anders” which I found dreadfully disappointing.

The Girl who saved the King of Sweden sits between the two above, and was really quite fun.

The central character is a little black girl from a South African township.

We follow her unfortunate life as she grows in numeracy, language, and diplomacy skills.

Once again the author takes pot shots at key political characters along the way, and there are some very silly moments.

But then I suppose real life comes with more than it’s fair share of silly people, and peculiar injustices.

My 2 day trip, and subsequent first night home was enough to polish off this hilarious tome.

£8.99 well spent, though you might need to have first hand experience of Sweden to appreciate all the humour.

2 comments on “The Girl who saved the King of Sweden”

  1. I loved this book….yes from the view point of under standing Swedish humour but also of the locations mentioned! It was the combination of sweden and africa that I particularly appreciated….

    So, how many did you give it out of 10 then?

    Incidentally i had my copy off David Hewitts bookshelf MANY moons ago.

    Yup totally agree about Hitman Anders – i deleted it off my kindle app/mini ipad just recently, 100 page “guillotine “ mark. Tother “100 yr old “ book was enjoyed/read our first weekend in angola – read and enjoyed “grounding myself “ with something familiar in a strange land!

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    • 7 out 10 – writes in such a flowing way. Once his style was absorbed in 100 year man it was going to be hard to find bk2, bk3 so refreshing.

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