GMT 5 – slipping into East Grinstead

These early stages of The Greenwich Meridian Trail have been pretty slow going.

My mind goes back to my Sussex Border Path walks in 2018.

Back then I was walking through similar conditions with Tom, every stride was twice as much effort as a normal pace.

Here you can see what we were up against, deep mud, some of it looked to be contaminated with oil.

Beyond those houses in the distance we walked up a rough track, and then up a steep hill which popped out onto the High Street.

A property in Hermitage Lane was sporting a Union Jack.  I’m guessing he was celebrating the fact Britain now stands alone.

One thing was for sure, we were hungry and fancied a break.

Prezzo, East Grinstead never seems to have a problem with muddy walkers.  They also do a tasty Calzonne.

At the end of our walk we passed the a Grade II listed building visible from College Lane.

Our last steps took us back to East Court, where the public conveniences were still open and in good order.

Boots off, hood down, and then we were heading home in Michael’s MX5.



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