Good timing in Keswick

In all my many years on the road I can only remember one occasion when I had enough time to skip doing “reports” and go the cinema.

By a strange fluke of circumstances this week saw me book a room in Keswick, rather than Kendal.

After being held up behind a dreadful accident on the M6 southbound I checked into my hotel well after 8:00pm.

Would the film 1917 be on in the much lauded local cinema?

It was!

What’s more it only cost £7.00 to get in, and I had arrived 20 seconds after the screening started.

No silly adverts to endure.


If you haven’t seen 1917 get along quickly whilst you can.

My favourite part was when an Albatross crashed into a barn!

The following morning I was tapping away on my laptop for 2 hours, whilst staring out of the dining area at a snow covered Helvellyn.

I really fancy climbing that one day.

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