Get it right next time

Are you old enough to remember Gerry Rafferty’s 1978 hit?

Get it right next time was playing in my mind as we walked across the fields beyond Barcombe Cross.

On Saturday I’d started another section of the Greenwich Meridian Trail and veered off in the wrong direction within minutes of starting.

That detour scuppered all hope of reaching my Dane Hill target.

Today we bundled into the car and had a crack at the missing link from yesterday.

Sure enough I’d misread one of the signs, but even on the right track things weren’t simple.

Beyond the sewage works at Holman’s Bridge a sign pointed diagonally right. Somehow it didn’t feel right.

Scanning the hedgerow with my rejuvenated Ziess binoculars there was no obvious thoroughfare.

Still we tried.  Then I spotted something just a few in from the hedge. A hare!  Possibly a first for me in Sussex.

Eventually we gave up trying to follow the signpost, and discovered we needed to keep left.

The first house opposite the style was called “Harelands”.

We looped back and bought a warm sausage roll in a farm shop next to the bridge, before heading back down Birdshole Lane.

All in all we covered less than 4 miles, across sodden fields, down muddy tracks and at times on metalled roads.

We banked the memories provided by a low winter sun and that Hare.

Roz particularly enjoyed an architecturally splendid chapel refurbishment. Single storey corrugated steel with a boxy cedar extension out the back.

Thirty four miles there and back, but the next stage is nearer home.

Saturday can’t come soon enough!




2 comments on “Get it right next time”

  1. Do you ever meet others who are walking the trail?

    • We often meet other walkers – usually with dogs, and completely oblivious to any of the major trails that run through their locality.
      On the Two Moors Way which took a full week covering about 120 miles we saw just one other couple who were doing the same as us – but in the reverse direction.

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