GMT 2 – arrived in Barcombe Cross

By: snowgood

Jan 17 2020

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Category: adventure, Sussex, Walking

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Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 11

Funny how a few minutes of your life can be so significant.

Apart from wanting to get another stage of the Greenwich Meridian Trail under my belt I had one more key objective.

To arrive in Barcombe Cross by 4:30pm and not disappoint Roz by trailing in after the deadline.

In the event I arrived at 4:27pm and felt a great sense of satisfaction.

That last mile was done at full tilt, with the odd moment of trepidation when the trail markers seemed to be ambiguous.

As it turned out I’d stayed true to the course, and found the little village absolutely charming.

It boasts two pubs, a Post Office and General Stores, plus a sign indicating a heritage dating back to 1086.

I’d love to step back in time and view village life then, and compare it to today.

Imagine life 934 years ago, it would presumably have been far more simple.

Labouring would predominate, especially as the area had arable land and mills close at hand.

Find out more about the area here, and if you happen to find a travel ticket back to 1086 drop me an email with the relevant price!




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