GMT 2 – Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud

By: snowgood

Jan 16 2020

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Category: adventure, Sussex, Walking

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Focal Length:4.25mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 11

On my last post I left you on a “jink” to the left.

The Greenwich Meridian Trail ran towards the narrowest “twitten” I’ve experienced.

One can forgive a bit of undergrowth creeping across the track, but this was different.

At the end of a short back garden a noisy dog barked, presumably to dissuade legitimate passage?

Then beyond the route passed the side of a small house, and I was flanked (to my left) by sturdy metal railings, with a huge hedge on my right.

After 60 paces it onto a country lane in Hamsey, and I looked back to see if it was signposted for those heading south.

Not on your nelly! Most people would miss the access up a driveway behind the Kia Sorrento.

By now my route was incredibly level, the last mile or two was as flat as a pancake which brought a different type of hazard.


Hippos would be happy here, and so was I!

Yes, I know I look like one.

All along the way I’d seen precious few birds, but now they were in great evidence.

Canada Geese above, a Kestrel hovering off to my left.  An audible Pied Wagtail “Chiswick” call, and some sort of finch flew up directly in front of me.

Beyond that numerous Jackdaws, and Rooks joined the party.  Several Heron lumbered through the sky with all grace of a Lancaster bomber.

It was now a race against the clock, my 4:30 rendezvous was going to a close call.  No matter how fast I wanted to go my walking shoes were caked in mud.

Any attempt at speed just meant more slips and slides.

Barcombe Church came and went, and then I was on tarmac spearing off to the right before curling to left, and then into a narrow woodland.




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