GMT – Narrow Church – Iford

By: snowgood

Jan 13 2020


Category: Architecture, GOD, Jesus, Rural Community, Sussex, Walking

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Focal Length:4.25mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 11

After keeping a safe distance from the horses mentioned earlier I walked through a farm yard, crossed the road to Newhaven and trudged across a muddy field and ended up in Iford.

My course was a bit unsure, and a friendly family walked out of their home in the village and helped me keep on track.

When time permits I like to pop into country church buildings and see what they’re like.

Whist I like the stained glass windows, and often enjoy the architecture my main interest is to see if there’s any evidence that congregation or vicar has a lively interest in Jesus.

Iford church brought two surprises.

Firstly, it was incredibly narrow.

Secondly, there really was an attempt to connect with passing walkers.

I liked the book which invited people to write an answer to the question “What does God mean to you?”

I made my inscription, thinking after I’d gone it would have been nice to also see a book saying “What do you mean to Jesus?”

Another pleasant surprise was the fact that inside was another chap (and his dog) who’d also come from Peacehaven, and likes to pop into churches to get out of the wind.

I wished him well before continuing in the fading light towards Lewes Railway Station.



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