Christmas (by invitation)

Someone took this photo whilst I was at the Company Christmas Party.

Looking at it you’ll see I’m having a good time, but I nearly didn’t make it onto the dance floor.

One of my Eastern European colleagues was keen to get back to hotel, and I was hoping for a quiet night in with my latest book.

In quite an extraordinary turn of events the very girl who wanted to go back early started dancing, and invited me to join in.

70% of the team had left the building and 30 or 40 of us stayed behind grooving the night away.

As I look back on the year, and particularly my time with mission friends this year I see that our Lord doesn’t always use the most likely people to build his kingdom.

In fact the ones who answer his call may be the least able, but the most obedient.

2000 years on from the birth of Emmanuel it’s still “ordinary” folk doing his will, rather than clever folk building their own empires who see The Spirit move, and lives changed.

How wonderful that even though the workers are few, the harvest is ripe and some still answer the call of the Good Shepherd.

The New Testament shows that God loves to throw a great party.

Have you accepted His invitation?









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