Behind You!

After years of hoping to attend a Christmas Pantomime I finally made it.

Cinderella is on in East Grinstead, and I joined Nancy, my sister and 2 grandchildren to see the show.

The production was surprisingly professional for such a small theatre.

Cinders was first rate, just like the young school children in the dance routines.

The audience joined in with all the usual chants but I wasn’t happy with the sexualisation of a show aimed at minors.

I sat there wondering what message was being received – especially as the crowd joined in on a song about their favourite High Street fast food.

I guess there are probably 5 Carol Concerts for every Panto, and I prefer to see Jesus as centre stage at this time of year.




One comment on “Behind You!”

  1. We caught a train in East Grinstead once. The volunteers at the Bluebell railway directed us there.

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