Gaseous Expulsion – Political Revulsion

By: snowgood

Dec 05 2019

Category: Architecture, Hope, Jesus, Politics

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Critics may suggest I’m not presenting the truth here.

I could justifiably counter that argument by saying this IS a recent photograph of the Ardley Energy Recovery centre near Bicester.

However to make it more interesting I’ve altered the exposure, enhanced the colour, and added a vignette.

Other than that this is exactly what I saw just off the M40 just as the sun dipped over the horizon.

I’m not sure how much of Viridor’s hype about the facility I believe.

One thing’s for sure – it definitely belches out something or other into the atmosphere.

Much like our lamentable politicians, with their grandiose promises, and apparent disdain for numerate members of the electorate.

So far I’ve only heard two campaigners speak with any apparent sincerity, but neither are standing where we live.

Then we’ve that character from across the pond who’s so full of himself that he picks on his neighbour calling him two faced.

Perhaps he could learn a few tricks about diplomacy from our Queen.

So a week from today who should we trust?

Perhaps the only one who’s earned it?

Jesus said “ I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life” John 14:6

He didn’t court the attentions of the rich and famous but stood up for the underdog.

His words were not soundbites, hot air, or promises for the innumerate.

So if like me you’re unable to vote (I’ll be away) or undecided perhaps we can agree on a short prayer…Thy (united) kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Take a breathe – and add “deliver us from evil” and perhaps add an “Amen”.

Let’s hope the next lot are more capable than the current ones who have been unable to reach a consensus in the last 3 years.

One comment on “Gaseous Expulsion – Political Revulsion”

  1. I will be away too, assuming that the French do not continue with their strikes as threatened.

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