Some days and Sunday’s

By: snowgood

Dec 01 2019

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Category: adventure, Christianity, Life, Spirit

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Focal Length:4.25mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 11

Some days start the night before.

After settling down into a deep sleep ready for an early start on Sunday I heard a beep.

One I kind of recognised, but tried to ignore.

In utter darkness I thought I’d heard our smoke alarm, which caused us trouble just a few months back.

The sleepy side of a person who doesn’t want to get out of bed tends to argue with rational mind.

It was no good.

Nothing was going to stop this piercing beep every 20 seconds except out of bed action.

Step ladder? Check.

Screwdriver? Check.

Carefully slide the cover off, remove battery and beep!

Hunt for PP3 battery. Check.

Insert battery – slide back the cover.

Hit the test button, the smoke alarm downstairs comes on in unison.

Then the nervous wait to see if silence will reign.

It does.

Phone alarm chimes at 5:15am, then off to our local 24 Hour prayer event.

From the distress of disturbed sleep to a time of revelation!

Wow – that’s more like it.

Home for breakfast.

Even before I start the doorbell goes.

Can I sit in with a distressed elderly neighbour, who might have a gas leak?

I took my porridge with me.

Who knows where the Spirit might lead?

One comment on “Some days and Sunday’s”

  1. Sometimes those beeps are hard to track down.

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