Thunderbolt Kid – Bill Bryson

My impulse purchase at Gatwick Airport has been read inside 6 days.
As I’m a latecomer to the Bryson repertoire and this was on sale in W H Smith’s I imagined it to be his latest work.

It isn’t , the credits show it was first published back in 2003.

How did it go?

Whilst it made me laugh,  the adolescent humour wasn’t always to my tastes.

Where Bryson scores is using Clarksonesque exaggeration with a pinch of credibility to appeal to the reader.

Some of his points are terrifyingly sad reflection on his former homeland.

I’d not heard the one about Guatemala being completely overrun by U.S. interests, that didn’t give a tinkers cuss for the inhabitants of the land.

Then there’s tragic stuff about racism, and the hideous waste of good money on “defence” hardware and warfare.

Occasionally I came across real nuggets, such as this on page 330 reflecting on life in the late fifties;

”Soon millions of people were caught in a spiral in which they worked harder and harder to buy labour saving devices that they wouldn’t have needed if they hadn’t been working so hard in the first place.”

That’s one sad truth which is even truer 60 years on.

Snowgood overall rating – 2 out of 5




2 comments on “Thunderbolt Kid – Bill Bryson”

  1. The nugget you comment on is the same sort of gem we used to hear in Africa regarding houses – having to be away from the house long enough every day in order to earn enough to live in it for a few hours each day And have to pay someone else for it ie bank/building society…with many people having to borrow money to buy the vehicle to get to the place of work to earn the money to pay for a vehicle that takes them away then returns them to/from the house they are working to be able to live in those few hours …. many african friends laughed at our crazy life! Sent from my iPhone


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