Don’t despise the day of small things

How’s it going with you?

Yesterday I was out in baking hot sunshine looking to ride the 37 odd miles to Worthing. Then come back and do it all over again!

You see I love to challenge myself, always looking for that next achievement.

Incidentally at work my figures have gone from class leading to mediocre and that’s made me question if I should jack it all in.

At least I’ve got my bikes!

Last week’s Worthing route (mostly along the Downs Link was somewhat banana shaped. This time I tried a more direct approach.

Somehow my legs seemed to be struggling, I started reflecting on how life is like a long bike ride.

For every flat road, or gentle downward slope there’s what Bunyan might call a Hill of Difficulty.

Even worse, you might enter the slough of despond.

So there I was making faster progress than I realised when I came to a junction.

I pulled over grabbed my map to check the right route and a “hissssssss” came from my back tyre.

How’s that even possible? I wasn’t on the gravel tracks this time round.

Looking  down I spotted a tear in the tyre. Like a good Boy Scout I’d come prepared, so it would surely be a small inconvenience?

In a moment I had the back wheel off and then I heard a pleading voice, “Sir, could you lend me a pump, I’m prepared to wait”.

No problem- a flat front was soon inflated.

Then a guy stopped to check if I needed help.

Indeed I did!

I’d packed a 29” tube, and needed 26”!

Moments later a chap on a gravel bike pulled up to see if he could help.

He was about to give me his spare tube, but could see all I needed was a small patch which he then applied.

He wouldn’t take anything in return, but had saved my bacon – Miles from the nearest bike shop.

Once in Worthing I bought a new tyre, new tube, and spare valves. The chap running the shop originally sold me the bike and spotted a slack headset- fixing it free. Nice of him.

Coming home in the evening I took a brief break on a bench at Handcross. I think my front light may have shone into someone’s front room.

I’d hardly sat down (probably looking weary) when a chapped bobbed out into the street “Would you like a drink?”

Although my drink bottle was full I was filled with a sense of well being.

Those random acts of kindness outweigh any of my biggest goals!

”Don’t despise the day of small things”

Zechariah 4:10

5 comments on “Don’t despise the day of small things”

  1. I’m glad you stayed out of the slough of despond.

  2. Soooo did you accept the drink?…a cuppa tea?!

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