Small car – big disappointment

By: snowgood

Sep 20 2019

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You may be unaware that I’m a keen car enthusiast.

It was easier to be excited about driving when there was less traffic, but on trips abroad it’s nice to find an empty road and remember how things were in England not so long ago.

Anyone who’s travelled will know all about Car Hire lottery.

My biggest disappointment was a lethargic Pontiac, when I’d actually booked a Mustang.

On other occasions I’ve plumped for a boring Astra and driven off in a brand new BMW 3 series.

A few weeks back I took an even bigger gamble.

I waited until arrival before trying to secure a hire car.

A cheerful lady at SixT Dublin airport had numerous cars to offer, and I bagged a new Shape Micra for 50 euros all in.

In all honesty I was pleased to have something I’d not driven before, so initially I was delighted.

Once I’d located the car in bay 213 it was nice to breathe in that “New Car” smell.

There are a whole heap more toys on modern Micras these days. I got the impression “my” Nissan Micra was probably a high spec version.

It had phone mirroring, Bluetooth, cruise control, and various charging ports.

Out on the road it was utterly gutless, positively asthmatic compared to the Kia Picanto I hired a few weeks earlier.

Once on the M50 I was reminded of our own Micras from the mid to late 90s. They are ridiculously under geared. Time after time I tried to select 6th to keep the noise down, but there are only 5 on offer.

Suspension? Mmm. Not that good. When I hit a speed hump that wasn’t properly marked it felt like a wheel was being ripped off.

Seating and accommodation were much better than we enjoyed on the “Shape” and “Inspiration” models which once sat our driveway. I’d go as far as saying this was the car’s best feature.

Our big cases fitted in the boot, no problem.

Incidentals? Dashboard and controls were fine. Radio okay. Unfortunately they still cover Brexit on the radio in Dublin, so we didn’t stay tuned for long.

Economy? Hard to say. I think we returned about 40 mpg (readout was in litres per 100km).

Sadly my abiding memory was the burning clutch, just from normal driving at low speeds. The last time I was in a car that gave out a similar odour I was going up Hardknot pass in a gutless Citroen.

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5 comments on “Small car – big disappointment”

  1. Booked a Focus and got a Mustang in Phoenix ten years ago Stephen. This year booked a Kuga and got a Jeep Compass. It was OK apart from bad rear vision.

  2. I never heard of a micra. It doesn’t sound like a very good car. I’ll bet those don’t go many miles.

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