The Salt Path – Raynor Winn

Recommended on Radio 4 when first published, then again by a friend in Devon, and mentioned by a fellow walker last week.

In the end I succumbed, and made my way to Waterstones.

The cover artwork is captivating, the subject matter so relevant to capitalist Britain where the rich get richer, and the poor are seen as a nuisance.

Moth and Ray found themselves on the wrong end of a court judgement, and the very next day Moth was diagnosed with a debilitating cancer.

Day 1 was gut wrenching, day 2 it was as if someone put the boot in.

Virtually penniless and definitely homeless this capable couple of fifty somethings left “their” home and prompted by a book called the 500 mile walkies headed for Minehead.

Now that doesn’t sound like a great place to start a new chapter in your life, but just beyond Butlins is the start of the 630 mile South West Coast Path.

What’s more, it a Path I’ve followed myself. One of my life’s more noteworthy achievements, made in my spare time at great expense in terms of petrol money, cab fares, overnight stays and countless pasties and coffees.

This duo did it on a shoestring with cheap sleeping bags and a tent.

Ray writes with eloquence that one senses she’s enjoyed a good education.

Some of the imagery may reflect artistic licence, although there’s mention of a notebook at the beginning. Maybe the details were jotted down daily?

Even though I kept a blog of my journey I didn’t retain the detail written here.

What I did find is an amazing tale, bringing back wonderful memories and set me thinking about the validity of my current existence.

Here’s hoping that Moth’s transition to strength is permanent and that others are strengthened by The Salt Path.

Five Stars.

One comment on “The Salt Path – Raynor Winn”

  1. Like the good old days of th ehomeless – take to the open road instead of mooching about town centres in sleeping bags.

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