It had to be done

By: snowgood

Aug 18 2019


Category: adventure, Cycling, Fear, Sussex


Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s

A couple of years ago I hopped on my mountain bike and headed off towards Horsham.

Some way down Grouse Road, just short of Hammer Pond I stopped to take in the breathtaking display of bluebells.

If I hadn’t stopped I may have missed the bridlepath to my left.

In a moment I changed routes and set out exploring. I had a vague idea where I might end up.

In actuality my destination ended up being Haywards Heath Hospital.

I’d missed a twist to the north, and was wiped out by a tree root on a narrow track.

I felt something snap as I hit the deck, and my bike wasn’t too well either.

The pain was intense and my “bed” of stinging nettles was more amusing than irritating.

I’ve had it in mind to retrace my tracks ever since, and yesterday was the day I faced my fears.

I discovered where I went wrong, I should have kept on the High Weald Landscape Trail.

I’ll admit it was with some trepidation I bounced down the trail before taking the correct route through this field of Maize.

My brand new heavily treaded Continental Tyres were useful on the sodden mud.

At the bottom of the slope was a water splash and fairly severe climb.

It’s not often I need bottom gear to slog uphill – but boy did I need it here.

Coming the other way was a cheerful rambler – only just able to navigate the giant puddles.

Five minutes later I was through Newstead Farm, sitting on an old trailer with a West Cornwall Cornish Pasty.

Twenty Five miles of fun, with an open air lunch. It doesn’t get much better than this,  and I’d conquered more than that steep hill.


6 comments on “It had to be done”

  1. When we visited England we went through Hayward Heath. I remember seeing a lot of cars.

    • Really – it’s relatively quiet there compared to most towns around here. Good hospital though! Which country are you in?

      • We’re in America. We rented a car in London in 2002, drove to Oban, and then down to Exeter. We went through Hayward Heath as we were proceeding back to London. We stopped at the Bluebell railway to ask for directions. Several people were gathered around a table discussing the renovation of a steam engine.

      • You went to some good places – I used to live just outside Exeter – and we too had a visit to Oban. I’ve walked the entire line of The Bluebell Railway. There – we have a few more shared experiences.

      • We scratched the side of the car on Robber’s bridge outside of Exeter.

  2. Well done that man!

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