very wonderful

We split into two groups and carried on beside Hadrian’s Wall, and just beyond Sycamore Gap.

I had no idea this ancient wall was so up and down, and in and out!

Can you imagine it was between 16 and 20 feet high, and about 10 feet wide!

Some poor souls had to build it, and the local info suggests it was actually built by Roman centurions.

Although I’d have thought they’d have press-ganged a few locals to help out.

The whole thing was 80 miles long, with mini-forts every (Roman) mile.

It was all sorted (without JCBs) in six years.

The purpose of the construction was stabilise the Northern extremity of the Roman border.

One can imagine marauding Scots would have found it impossible to break through.


All of which is a bit of preamble explaining the title of today’s post.

Jesus’ love is very wonderful
Jesus’ love is very wonderful,
Jesus’ love is very wonderful,
Oh, wonderful love!

It’s so high you can’t get over it,
So low you can’t get under it,
So wide you can’t get round it,
Oh, wonderful love!


2 comments on “very wonderful”

  1. Why isn’t it very tall now?

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