William Winter swung here

By: snowgood

Jun 27 2019

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Category: Cycling, Death, GOD, Jesus, Sin

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s

In 1791 William Winter was hung here for murdering an Elsdon resident.

The Gibbet stands at Steng Cross, the highest point on an old drover’s road between Elsdon and Harwood.

I’d like to think a minister would have drawn close to him before he met his maker.

Or would he have waived all hope after taking Margaret Crozier’s life?

As I cycled up this point my thoughts went to the story of Esther, and the giant scaffolding he had erected to finish off Mordecai.

A day later the tables had turned, a Jew was the one the king delighted to honour and the treacherous one was left hanging on his very own construction.

When things don’t go our way I’m sure The Lord still cares for us.

Up here in Northumberland I’m constantly dodging sheep that have no sense of direction.

Often times they don’t run off the road, but straight out in front of me.

Which reminds me of another “All ye like sheep have gone astray”.

That includes you and me.

God in his mercy sent his only Son, he too was “hung on a tree”, the just for the unjust.

It’s fascinating what an early morning bike ride can throw up!


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