calling men out of the cave

I’m indebted to a walking companion for this fascinating book.

The author is a local man who highlights the collapsing church attendance by men in the western world.

Along the way he calls in various Bible verses, and experiences to make his point.

I appreciated the clarion call for the rediscovery of manhood, and need of mentors in the church but it was hard going for the first few chapters.

Maybe this is Nigel’s first book, but for me the book came alive when the author started to speak about his own childhood.

Kicking off with a personal story would have got me engaged more quickly, but I fear some may not get that far.

Once Nigel recounts his own story the book picks up a momentum.

I particularly liked the way he plucks passages out of other well known Christian books, and the question “Where will they bury your heart?”

As we endeavour to come alongside folk locally I’m also drawn to the question, “Who has God brought into my life?”

The quicker we can all park the idea that “we attend church as consumers” the better we’ll do at sharing our faith, and rebuilding a broken society.

I’d rate this book at 3 out 5 (too many typos, and a few over simplifications), but the positive impact factor is nigh on 5 out of 5.

That’s eight books on my list so far this year.

There’s still a stack on my dresser waiting to be read.


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