this is Sussex!

By: snowgood

Mar 04 2019

Category: Sussex, Walking

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There are times when I see yet another new housing estate going up that I feel quite despondent.

At the current rate of expansion Crawley will soon overspill her borders to create a city extending from Horsham through to East Grinstead.

Thankfully the truth about Sussex is far different.  Despite all the new homes this is a predominantly green county.

There are woods, fields, and lakes just about everywhere.

Heading away from West Hoathly our next major point of interest would be Gravetye Manor.

An incredibly up market hotel.  I’ve never been inside, but it has a magnificent promotional video which can be seen on their website.

Truth is, you don’t need to stay in 5 Star luxury to appreciate the rolling hills, or glorious woodland.

Just pull on your walking boots and start exploring!

P.S. If you know what that tower is in the distance please let me know!


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