To the Glory of God

Inside St.Margaret’s, West Hoathly on our sunny walk.

On a grey day stained glass windows conspire to make the interior drab and dark.

How do we perform when things are less than optimal?

Can we reflect God’s goodness even when things aren’t going our way?

Or can you simply let his magnificence shine through on the darkest day.

These last few weeks I’ve been challenged by stories on “Call the Midwife”.

I’m delving back to Series 1 & 2.

What makes the series compelling is the way the nurses just get on with the job regardless of what they think about the circumstances the patients find themselves in.

Time and again love wins through, lives are changed.

As the series is based on Jenny Worth’s own nursing career I’m guessing these are bona fide events rather than fanciful drama.

Perhaps you and I can lay aside our prejudices and do some good today?





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