Christ in Isaiah – Book 5

By: snowgood

Feb 11 2019

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I was given this ancient book at the back end of last year.

Back in 1952 this 191 page study retailed at 8 shillings and sixpence.

It sounds like peanuts, but that translates to £28.57 in today’s money, or £5.00 on Amazon!

Was it worth it?

That depends on your perspective.

In the internet era our expectations have shifted.

When it was written there was no internet, and just one in three homes had a TV.

People would have worked hard, and then had plenty of time to sit, read, and meditate.

In 2019 most will be unfamiliar with the effort and energy required to get the most out of a book which builds with scripture upon scripture.

My biggest handicap to enjoying this book was the layout.

I’ve nothing against opening chapters with poetry, but each chapter unfolds with a heading pointing towards the Book of Isaiah.

Sounds fair doesn’t it?

Except the headings are in Roman numerals.

Grrrrr.  That was so annoying!

Sometimes I thought I knew the chapter, but I often got it wrong.

Then I found myself using my mobile phone to pick up the right reference.

However that simply added a distraction that I didn’t need.

If you’re a Christian happy to put in the hard yards you’ll enjoy fresh revelations of Christ.

As the book drew to a close it seemed like the final chapters were a delightful gift paper being fastened with a dainty bow.

Meyer delved back into Genesis as he added the sweetest details, and opened our eyes to the completeness of the Word of God.

I’m no scholar, but give this book 4 out of 5.



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