Gotta be Galway

By: snowgood

Jan 10 2019

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Category: adventure, Cars, Travel

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I’ve had a good trip over to the Emerald Isle.

In the course of my work I got to meet some fascinating folk, and sample more than my fair share of Soda Bread.

It’s been great to combine business with pleasure.

Today I had a guided tour of Galway’s city centre, looking at various installations of our products.

Despite a foggy drive over my arrival coincided with glorious sunshine.

Somehow West Sussex seems a bit humdrum.

In addition I got to drive a car with lane control, all very spooky until I got used to it.

What a boon for driving in the fog! Take your hands of the wheel and the car steered itself.

What’s more I was driving the most basic model, a 3 cylinder Hyundai Kona.

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