Westerham Walk – Beetle About

By: snowgood

Jan 06 2019

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s

Our 5th January walk took us through Westerham Churchyard, across the A25 and onto the Greensand Way.

The photo here was taken in “Goodley Stock” north of Kent Hatch.  Then on through the wooded Crockhamhill Common.

I think these stacks are large scale “Insect Hotels”.

Here we met a dog walker who guided us towards “Froghole”, seen previously with Roz, Jim and Row in 2017.

A beautiful Oast House refurb still hasn’t been completed some 14 months later.  What a waste, I’d love to live in such a beauty spot.

Our route went down the side of a garage and dropped 200 feet to Grange Farmhouse, which sits alongside a curious dilapidated first floor barn.

You’ll see that on the next post, but before that I should explain that I’m trying to resist an over reliance on digital devices this year.

I love the theory behind the Strava which traces walks onto a digital map.

I’m happy to use “The Web” to keep up to date on cricket scores, and the real world challenges of running an electric vehicle.

All of this is very useful, but it comes at a price. The data is quickly translated into targeted advertising.

Someone’s innocent joke that I might need a stair lift soon was picked up by my iPhone which just happened to be in the kitchen at the time.

The following morning an advert for a stairlift had been woven into my Autocar website reading matter.

I’m not the only one cautious about this digital era.

A nephew wisely never switches on Strava when recording jogging and cycling activity.  If he didn’t show such caution his info could potentially lead to break in at home.

Rant over!

All of this is an apology for not posting a map of our route!





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