Millennium Trail (23) Francis Barnett

By: snowgood

Nov 04 2018

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Category: Cars, Millennium Trail, Surrey, Walking

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Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

And so my journey continued.

Out of Pilgrims Way, across the road and under a brick built railway bridge.

By now the houses were smaller, and dare I say far more desirable than the big stuff on private roads?

Most were Victorian era, built to a standard (rather than a price).

The streets were narrow and it felt like a comfortable step back in time.

I passed two pubs, one still trading the other”Nutley Hall” appears to have become a home.

The last part of the journey into Reigate town centre was along the delightfully named Slipshoe Street.

Glancing down the one way system revealed a vibrance which stands in stark contrast to the retail scene reported in the national press.

Mind you close examination of the photo reveals just one British built car in all the hussle and bustle.

I resisted the lure of good coffee, and crossed over heading towards Reigate Park, and Priory Pond in particular which was to mark a change in direction.

En route I was broken out of my nostalgic trance by a noisy two stroke engine.

What on earth is that?  It was gone too quickly for me to get the marque.

Eight days later I’ve managed to at least identify the brand.

Francis Barnett.


It has all the period features, top box, kick starter and goldfish bowl crash helmet.

I wonder how many bikers weren’t wearing helmets in the swinging sixties?

It’s hard to believe they only became mandatory in 1973!


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