Millennium Trail (18) Reigate Fort

By: snowgood

Nov 02 2018

Category: Architecture, Fear, Millennium Trail, Surrey, Walking, War

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Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Very few walks can cram as much variety and interest into one mile as this virtually level part of the Millennium Trail.

Let’s list what’s in store.

  1. The View Point at Wray Lane
  2. The oldest reinforced concrete bridge in Britain that straddles the A217.
  3. Reigate Fort (seen here)
  4. A giant mast (looking like a mini Eiffel Tower
  5. Flying Fortress memorial wing tips
  6. Mysterious Military Buildings – like pill boxes without the gun ports.
  7. Inglis Memorial
  8. The George Simpson memorial stone
  9. Still further breathtaking views
  10. A perilous steep chalky track (best avoided when wet)


All in less than 1760 yards.


I’ll show you more, but as I walked this section it felt like time to give myself a good dressing down.

How could I possibly have spent half my life living with 20 minutes of all this without ever witnessing more than the first two elements?

The spectacle must surely be worthy of compulsory school trips for teenagers within a 20 mile radius.

We might not have The Lake District, but this short stroll is utterly awesome.

I’ll return one day soon, when the sun is shining.

Let me give you the guff on Reigate Fort before departing.

It’s part of a late Victorian defense network, built to repel a potential French invasion.

Read more here.


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