Millennium Trail (6) Chipstead Road

By: snowgood

Oct 29 2018

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Category: Cars, Millennium Trail, Walking

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After remembering my days of using Avenue Road as a “short cut” the route went behind allotments and down to Holly Lane.

Years ago at this point I remembered parking a flashy Lancia Trevi, and chatting to Dave Bray.

The motoring press were not impressed by the marque’s boxy saloon, but I loved it. Plenty of oomph, velour seats and an incredible dashboard.

It’s worth noting Holly Lane leads down to Chipstead, and was once both empty enough and straight enough to encourage enthusiastic driving.

These days cars are wider, traffic is busier and no such thrills are available to the sensible motorist.

I digress. My route now continued behind a rich variety of dwellings (with woods on my left) before popping out into a sunlit valley.

The OS Map shows this arrow straight track as “Chipstead Road”.  That’s a bit confusing as actually stops before the edge of the woods.

Now it offers a safe environment for dog walkers, and dreamers like me.

People who no longer wish to hit 70 on a narrow strip of tarmac.

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