Sussex Border Path – Bodiam Steam

By: snowgood

Sep 04 2018

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Category: Sussex, The Sussex Border Path, Walking

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Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Living life at 100 miles an hour often leads to surprises.

Ideally I’d sit down and study maps before setting out on the next stage of a walk.

Trouble is, real life gets in the way.

Our Bank Holiday walk was a case in point.

So it was a pleasant surprise to find the Kent and East Sussex Railway line running across the route.

Train buffs were out with cameras to capture the excitement of a freshly restored locomotive chuffing along the line.

On our return leg we came across a further barrier.

We’d taken a peculiar dog leg route across a field, but spotted a direct path when heading back into Bodiam.

A miserable looking chap came up to us and told us “There isn’t a path this way, you need to go back around the edge of the field and down to the river.”

It took me a few minutes to clock why our direct progress was unwelcome.

The farmer, and a collie were joining forces with a few other volunteers to round up their sheep.

Our presence would have messed up the whole operation and sent the sheep every which way.

As we watched the team in action we were surprised to see the lead operative flush out numerous wayward sheep that had been hiding down by the Rother River.

Good job we obeyed the shepherd and kept our distance.

Other good stuff on this section?

  1. Numerous dragonflies (in pairs)
  2. Umpteen Goldfinch in the fields above the Rother Valley.
  3. Great views of the castle – see the railway website pic here.



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