the perils of nocturnal cycling

My evening bike ride gradually morphed into a nocturnal circuit.

It started in Crawley Down, climbed through Turners Hill, turned off to the middle of nowhere (but came out on the Sussex Ouse Way) before reaching Chelwood Gate, Nutley, Duddleswell, Poundgate and Crowborough.

Then it was out through Boars Head, and on to Eridge Station, and wiggling back to Groombridge, where I picked up The Forest Way.

It skirts Hartfield, and then Forest Row, and by the time I reached the latter it was proper dark. The first of my two “headlights” was shining, but I was fairly whizzing along.

Would you believe it a bat flew into my neck.  Only a small one, but I used a hand to help swipe away the hapless critter.

Once in East Grinstead I stopped for a one course meal in Prezzo, and headed home on the B2110. Through the road closure (okay on a bike) up a great hill the other side of the mini roundabout.

Skirting Saint Hill the B2110 drops towards Kingscote, then up past the Alexander House hotel and back to Turners Hill.

Hang a right and back to Crawley Down.  As soon as I leant the bike against the garage wall I was being attacked again!

My hands set to in self-defence, as a monstrous Cockchafer beetle mistook my left ear for home.

As he buzzed hopelessly on his back I thought the world might be better off without him.

Somehow I showed restraint.  Apparently they’re quite rare, and also go by the name “May Bug” or “Doodlebug”.

Hopefully this one bug won’t cause too much devastation to our trees and plants.



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