Slow worm at Tappington Farm

By: snowgood

May 07 2018

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Category: Fauna, The Sussex Border Path, Walking

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Focal Length:141mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Roz called out from behind me.

“You missed something”.

Indeed I had.

What a delightful specimen.

Seeing this slithery creature (which isn’t a true snake) I was instantly back in Cornwall.

My friend Richard lived opposite the shops in St.Germans.

His Mum had a wonderful Fiat 500 estate, and Richard had free reign to do almost anything.

Including jumping out of his bedroom window into the back garden.

In the garden he kept sheets of corrugated steel roofing.

Every so often we’d lift up the sheets and find several slow worms.

That was probably back in sixties, these days I almost never come across these beauties.


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