Gallic Charm at Rockrobin – SBP

By: snowgood

May 07 2018

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Category: Cars, The Sussex Border Path

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Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

It seems to me that there’s a switch between the marked route, and the signposted path on this section of the Sussex Border Path.

The map suggests a straighter course, but the markers pointed up hill then sharp right.

We were under thick foliage, and then burst out in the sunshine.

A young couple where filling a massive grab bag with detritus from their garden.  It was blocking the path, but it was obviously work in progress.

They’d be sorting out soon.

To our right I was gobsmacked by this gallic duo.  Possibly the slowest car of the 1980s a lovely Deux Chevaux, alongside a widowmaker.

The glorious Renault Clio V6. A rapid mid-engined two seater hatchback with a curious tendency to swap ends when least expected.

Apparently they’re a very rewarding car to drive once you’ve mastered the tricky on limit handling.

Ten out of Ten to the owners of these quirky cars.

From here we meandered through someone’s garden, watching a ride on mower whilst being surprised that the route literally carved across their land.



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