Bullfinches – V40 – Sussex Border Path

By: snowgood

Feb 04 2018

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Category: Cars, The Sussex Border Path, Walking, work

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Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

  Déjà vu?

Climbing up the hill at what the OS map calls “Bullfinches” I had a strange feeling I might have been here previously.

In a former life I used to make a living selling guttering for Oast Houses.

About 12 years ago I did a Friday night delivery in the dead of night for a delightful couple who lived at the end of a track.

Looking at the converted Oast House I see no guttering, but then again I seem to remember they had problems with their building contractor.

Maybe it wasn’t here, but then my mind wanders back to the time I took a Volvo V40 like this to Ben Nevis.

Roy and I had an epic drive back, sharing the driving.

Bullfinches?  Funny name for a collection of dwellings, but I did see one shortly afterwards up by Mott’s Hill.



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