Charleston in Compton

By: snowgood

Jan 30 2018

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Category: Cars, Rural Community, Sussex, Walking


Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Walking, photography and blogging.

Each pushes me forward on a journey of discovery.

A few weeks back on the North Downs curiosity and my camera unearthed a sad story at Crockham Hill.

I meant to photograph a village sign, then stumbled across a new memorial.

On Saturday my affection for a French classic and photography helped me unlock another local concern.

Readers of my previous post will see that I’d bowed to Tom’s superior knowledge on arable crops.

Even though I was a little unsure, it now seems almost certain we had indeed walked through a field of kale.

That sticker on the 2CV’s rear window?

“Kale not Shale”

It looks like we’d just been walking across sensitive farmland.

The sticker led me to an anti-fracking website.

Well, well, Markwell Woods had nearly been handed over to man’s insatiable desire for fossil fuel.

I’ve every sympathy with the anti-fracking movement, but surely the government wouldn’t endorse an ecological disaster?

At the very least I’m prepared to acknowledge the 2CV Chareleston owner has an affordable classic in his garage.

A Citroen 2CV never graced our driveway, but I’d love to have my mechanically similar Ami 8 now.









3 comments on “Charleston in Compton”

  1. My father had an Ami 8 – it let him down badly in the engine department after only 26,000 miles!

    • Amazing! The 602cc units enjoyed a great reputation for longevity. Perhaps he had the 4 cylinder? Mine was a wreck when I bought some days when I started it smoke would come out of the engine bay (electrical maladies) but I still kept on driving. It was so noisy, but out of my 63 cars (and counting) it was one of my favourites.

      • Sixty-three! I shall have to count. I haven’t owned that many. I recall that Dad bought that car new in 1971 for almost the same as he got for our four year old Mark 2 Cortina (purchased a year before we left Guernsey to live in the mainland). I don’t know what engine it had but Dad loaded it with him and Mum and all four kids and a roof rack when we went on holiday. He had the parcel shelf cut out so one of us had to sit in the boot!

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