Look Back – March 2017

By: snowgood

Dec 31 2017

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Category: Cars, people

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March 2017.

Picked up my first ever Hybrid car.

Later that afternoon I took Roz down to Dorset/Wilts borders for a party slap bang in the middle of nowhere.

I had the sheer joy of driving in the outside lane of the M27 at 70 mph when I ran out of petrol.

The battery power kicked in seamlessly, and I waited a few miles before filling up with petrol.

We almost never use Bed and Breakfast’s, and this one was pricey and billed as quite grand.

In truth it was a curious mix of good and woeful.  At the entrance of our sizeable annex was a brick, and numerous cigarette butts.

Not so good.

On top of that the other guests were all on a joint jolly and snubbed us.

Never mind, we went to a party about 15 minutes away.

Quality time, with quality people.

I scraped my door mirror on a fence post as we arrived!

Ah the joys of a new car.

The event went well.

It was great to meet folk we’d only ever seen for fleeting moments, folk who once were close friends (until we moved away).

All in all a veritable highlight of a pretty reasonable month.



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