Defeated at Dunkirk

I’m an optimist.

Today I was supposed to attend a meeting in Belgium.

The forecasts weren’t good, but at 6:00am there wasn’t a single snow flake outside.

My Sat Nav hinted at snowfall in France.

Sure enough as the Eurotunnel trained speared out into Calais terminal the ground was cloaked in white.

Every 15 minutes somebody from head office called to see if we were really coming.

Half an hour from our destination the message came through to abort.

Across the border from Dunkirk roads were being closed, journeys of 4 km were taking more than 90 minutes.


My BMW 225xe had shrugged off the weather.  If anything the journey was easier than normal.

More than half the traffic heading up the A16 was British, and driving carefully on the inside lane.

We were loping along in the outside lane, no sweat.

On days like this you really have to question the logic in allowing cars and lorries onto snow covered roads on summertime rubber.

Later we rejoined the M20 in Kent.

Surface water covered the road and I found myself on the inside lane at 60 mph, being overtaken by just about everyone.

Odd innit?

Snow helped me go, rain reigned in my speed.




3 comments on “Defeated at Dunkirk”

  1. We have been struggling for two days with ten inches of snow in Herefordshire!

    • I guess you’d be wise to stay put? The big problem with snow and smaller roads is you can all too easily get clobbered by some other driver that’s lost control. Hopefully it will warm up soon.

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