Christmas Jumper?

By: snowgood

Nov 27 2017


Category: birds, Walking

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Focal Length:200mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Passing behind Guildables Park Farm a Buzzard tumbled out of a tree, and started to soar above us.

Of all the species in the UK this is the one that always makes me think of hand knitted pullovers.

As the birds mature they darken, but juveniles often appear to be wearing Aunt Mable’s finest handiwork.

As we conducted our 7 mile loop we didn’t spot a single rabbit, although to be fair we didn’t enjoy the Buzzard’s lofty view.

These crafty creatures will “hunt” under floodlight and eat worms if necessary.  They used to play that game on the A38/M5 junction when we lived in Devon.


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