Church Watch – Whyteleafe Free

By: snowgood

Aug 10 2017

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Camera:iPhone 6s

Last week I bumped into an old friend who I hadn’t seen in years.

I was amazed to discover we were both heading to the same station, with 11:00am appointments.

I was off to see an architect, he was off to see a peer of the realm.

En route we covered a whole wealth of topics, including how our families are doing.

What impressed me most was how easily he listened, and how sensitive he was to those around him.

Before we parted he invited me along to Whyteleafe Free Evangelical.  The service was going to be followed by a free barbecue.

How could we say no?

This fellowship started over a 100 years ago, and each Sunday pulls in fifty odd people from as far wide as Thornton Heath, Croydon, Coulsdon, and Crawley.

So what was it like?

It is situated up a very narrow alley, and the buildings look well and truly knackered.

Which isn’t a complaint, just a statement in fact.  One which may be rendered irrelevant in the coming weeks as an £80,000 refurbishment gets under way.

A steel roof sits on a concrete frame, and currently lacks any insulation.  It can be noisy when it rains.

What about the service?

It had a Pentecostal flavour, and typically each chorus was played through several times.

The Pastor seemed far more Spirit led than many, with an enthusiasm which belied his 72 years.

A Kenyan lady was visiting and gave a superb message from Luke 13:1-9, entitled “Nothing but Leaves”.

It was as good as any sermon I’ve heard this year, and suitably challenging.

What about the music?

There were real drums, electric guitars, a flute, and saxophone all being played with gusto, whilst the pastor led on a cheap keyboard.

Where they friendly?

Absolutely!  The people seemed very “real” and not in the least pretentious. The BBQ brought in a few neighbours.

I had a thoroughly good time chatting to the Pastor, his wife, and a diverse range of people young and old.

What a treat to speak with Kenyan and Zimbabwean, as well as people from South London.

Would you go again?

Er, yes! I really think we would.


Welcome (for visitors) –          5

Worship (for the Lord) –          3

Word (for the Saints/Lost) –    5

Mission (for the Lost)         –     4

Passion (for the Lord)         –     5





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