Fruitfulness on the Frontline – Review 32

By: snowgood

Aug 03 2017

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Category: books, Christianity, Faith, literature, work

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Ten out of Ten.

A superb book for those of us professing to be Christians, but not actively sharing our faith.

I’ve never read anything by Mark Greene previously, but he certainly knows how to write an encouraging book.

He takes old truths, and wraps them up to make them fresh and easy to fathom.

The book starts out with a few key questions.

  1. What three books have most influenced you?
  2. What are your three favourite hymns?
  3. Which three films have most influenced you?


Perhaps I’ll answer these questions in another post.

The book ends with the tale of two hats.

If you want to know the incredible story buy the book!

“My” copy was borrowed, but I’ve a feeling I should buy it and read the books Mark gives as “suggested reading”.

I can’t believe I gave a contemporary Christian book 10 out of 10, but it’s very good indeed.

I’ve even taken once principle from it, copied in our CEO and he’s introducing the idea into the business next month.






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