Vets might Fly – Book review 29

By: snowgood

Jul 10 2017

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Category: War, work

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Camera:iPhone 6s

I felt a bit “short changed” by this James Herriot book.

It masquerades as a book about “Jim” going into the RAF during World War II, but the real focus turns out to be reminiscences of life back in Yorkshire.

There are of course some real treats on the veterinary front, but precious little about the adventures of a would be pilot.


An hilarious story about a night out with Helen. It involves a few drinks, and drink driving (before the era of enlightenment), and a bent Bentley.

A touching story about a dog involved in an RTA.

More hilarious hypocrisy from Seigfried.

A farmer who can’t believe an RAF trainee can deliver a tangled up calf.

The later books may not paint a fuller picture of life in war torn Britain, but  “Book 6 – Vets in a Spin” could centre on a forced parachute landing in occupied France?

Rating: 7 out of 10



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