South Downs Way – Done!

By: snowgood

Jul 08 2017

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In the equivalent of two days I had finally completed the 100 mile South Downs Way.

If you’re 58 and fitter than me a two day stint should be enough.

I’d recommend getting to the start the night before you start, as a 2pm start is simply not good enough!

Tackling the route in mid-summer gives the rider more daylight hours, and if you’re unfit then try and avoid the wetterAutumn and Winter months.

You’d struggle with mud, and you might fall off.

My journey was made in 4 stages.

Winchester to Buriton – 4 and half hours – distance – 22.5 miles

Buriton to Pyecombe – 9 hours  – distance – 45 miles

Pyemcombe to Southease – 3 hours – distance – 14.5 miles

Southease to Eastbourne – 3 hours 40 minutes -18.2 miles

It looks so easy typing it out!

Don’t be fooled.

It was hard work, and I was helped by a good bed each night.

If I were to do it again (in reverse) I’d probably take less wrong turnings.

What I haven’t recorded are the extra “off piste” miles, some deliberate and others unintentional.

In truth I did 116 miles, rather than official 100 allocated to the South Downs Way.

Incredibly I managed it all with only one minor off, when my back wheel slipped and I fell off when my speed dropped below walking pace.

If you want to take on the SDW I can recommend the “A-Z South Downs Way for walkers”. All the pages are extracts from Ordnance Survey maps.

The only issue here is that you’ll be well and truly lost if you take a wrong turning.

My indiscretion near Steyning may have been a disaster if I hadn’t cycled in the area once previously.

For 10 minutes I was in a  muddle trying to get back from Sompting (which is not shown in the book as it is too far south).

Let me know if you tackle the South Downs Way, if you’re a blogger I’d love to follow your adventure.




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