an hour later

By: snowgood

Jul 03 2017


Category: Cars, South Downs Way, Sussex


Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s

People were friendly as I made my way towards Eastbourne.

As I approached the numerous gates ramblers would swing them open, happy to assist an old duffer on his bike.

My first “minor incident” was up above Firle Plantation.

Some smart Alec decided to go beyond the official car park.

Surely that wasn’t an issue?

I kept off the track to help him, only to find him coming at me on the grass!

Cars and Bikes.

Oil and Water!

The two have been in conflict since the year dot!




3 comments on “an hour later”

  1. Walkers and cars too. I don’t ride a bike but I do walk. Here in my little lakeside retirement community I have to dodge not only cars but golf carts.

  2. Actually the people around here aren’t golfers. They just ride around in golf carts. We live in a small lakeside community with narrow roads and a big hill and they can get pretty annoying. The dogs even ride in golf carts down to the dog walk. 🙂

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