Cigarettes, Milk, Petrol and Corruption

By: snowgood

Jul 02 2017

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Category: ART, Cars, Sport

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Focal Length:57mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Goodwood’s astounding sculpture epitomises the excess and corruption associated Formula 1 and the workings of her longest serving architect and team owner.

Bernie Ecclestone.

In the foreground a magnificent Lotus 72 is enveloped in the colours of a tobacco brand.

People fell for it big time, puffing away on their favourite brands and extinguishing their lives in the process.

The magnificent Brabham BT49 became a global billboard for a brand promoting dairy products.  Except Parmalat was in way too deep, and folded with debts of £13 billion.

The red Ferrari sits “innocently” above.  Or so you might think.

Much of Marlboro £1 billion sponsorship was paid to the team even after tobacco advertising in sport had been banned throughout most of Europe.

The sport’s most successful driver spent much of his career swerving into people in his pursuit of championships, and usually got away with it.

Ah, Formula 1.

We love you, and hate you at the same time.

Ah, Bernie Ecclestone. How can you not admire the little man with a huge portfolio of staggering success?

Who else could talk his way out of a custodial sentence when guilty by handing over £60 million to keep the court happy?


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